I would like to thank my parents, Harold and Kathy Polton, who were born and raised in a city that Wentworth designed. They gave me an appreciation for the place and time and I thank them. I dedicate this project to them.

As always, Bobbie and my daughters Maya, Madeline and Rachael, as well as Eric, Paul and Jake have been very supportive of my efforts.

I have been given significant help and encouragement from the following:

  • Reiner Library, Dartmouth College
  • Richard Walter,
  • Edward Smyk, Passaic County Historian
  • Jack DeStefano, and staff of the Paterson Museum
  • Philip Read, our Macclesfield connection
  • Ed Wentworth, Dover, New Hampshire
  • PW5 Judith McCabe, US Army and Historian of Sea Girt Army Base
  • Eileen Hayden, Dutchess County Historic Society
  • Mark Auerbach, City Historian, Passaic, NJ
  • Mireille Lipsitz Schuck
  • Leonard Zax, Paterson’s greatest fan
  • Paterson Public Library
  • The good people at William Paterson University, where Paterson is their middle name
  • Paterson Museum
  • Passaic County Library and Historian
  • History of Paterson and Its Environs (The Silk City) by Nelson and Shriner 1920
  •  Lakesside Inn, Judy Pendleton, 1998.
  • The Newark Public Library photo file.
  • Jerry Nathans, North Jersey Jewish Historical Society
  • Peter Lukic, designer extraordinaire who did the design work for the book and helped lay out this website