Other Designs

Schools, Churches, Factories and Hospitals

Wentworth had a diverse practice. In Paterson, he designed at least two public schools – PS 10 and PS 13. He also designed schools in Wayne and Orange County, New York.

His design for the Broadway Baptist Church remains an excellent example of New England influenced, restrained architecture. The building would be right at home in Dover, New Hampshire and not just the streets of Paterson.

He provided the designs for several factories. His work for Aronsohn Silk Mills in 1908 was significant because it was the first electrified mill in Paterson. He also designed the Peerless Manufacturing Building in Nyack and other major factories. The most important of this factories as a design for the Paterson Industrial Center, an effort by the business community to diversify the economic base of the City of Paterson. It attracted the Curtis Wright Company in the years after World War I. The plant’s best known product was the engine for the Spirit of St. Louis, Lindbergh’s plane that made the historic trans-Atlantic flight. During World War II, Curtis Wright was a principal employer in Paterson as well as throughout Northern New Jersey.

He also designed a tuberculosis hospital for the County of Passaic, known as Preakness Hospital. He also designed a nurses residence for the Paterson General Hospital. He did work for St. Josephs Hospital in Paterson as well.

He also designed the Library (and perhaps other buildings) at the Loomis Sanitarium in Liberty, New York. The Library is a Jeffersonian style design that could be on the campus of the University of Virginia. With the decline of the Sanitarium, the building has been converted into a residence.